How To Create The Most Shareable Content For Journalism

Offer practical value

Information is golden.  If you provide people with the knowledge they are seeking, they are more likely to share the content. This means taking the time to really dissect your topic and think about the FAQs it generates.  People demand instant answers, and providing them with what they want in a brief, digestible content will go a long to ensuring reader satisfaction. It will also increase the odds of your journalism work being shared,which aids you in becoming a successful freelance writer.

Know your audience

Understanding your demographics is key for likeability, and likeability is the key to your journalism content being shared.  An important element for anyone wanting to become a freelance writer is tapping into what touches your readers to engage their attention.  By incorporating your talents as a storyteller you have the ability to inspire, inform and also validate your audience’s opinions.

On the flip side, don’t be scared to add a touch of controversy to your journalism work.  Controversy has the ability to create debate and spread discussion. Just be sure to have covered the facts with some creditable research first.

How to create the most shareable content for journalism

Find out what’s popular

If you have an online presence in the form of a blog or website, you are already well on your way to becoming a freelance writer. Not your journalism skills need to come into play; do the numbers and see where your hits are landing.  What topics are getting the best views?  What spin-off topics can you come with it that might get the same traction?  Check out your favourite journalists in the field.  Read the comments from their followers and come up with some story leads. Keep an eye on current events and have your finger on the pulse for emerging trends that are set to go viral.

Stand out with your headline

Nothing gets you noticed more than a standout headline. Grabbing the reader’s attention from the get go by summarising your journalism work in a few mere words is a craft to master, but it is key when becoming a freelance writer.  Don’t overthink this – it’s important to keep things simple.  Adding an image that gives a visual effect to your headline will be the eye candy to draw in people’s appeal.

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