Feature articles and investigative journalism. How do they fit?

Is it your desire to unearth the truth and inform the public? If you’re an analytically-minded researcher and writer, investigative journalism may just be your calling.  To be a successful investigative journalist, you’ll need to put in the hard yards first.  Here we look at the importance of learning how to write good feature articles will help you on your way to being the next Chris Masters.

What is Investigative Journalism?

Investigative journalism involves deep examination of a topic of interest, with the interest of public education at heart. It takes patience, attention to deal and perseverance with some big stories taking months or years to complete. If cross-referencing, reading reports and understanding footnotes is your forte, you may have just found your professional niche in investigative journalism.

What is a Feature Article?

As budding investigative journalists, we know you are intelligent enough to know this, but it’s always good to cover the basics. Unlike a hard news story, a feature article is written creatively.  It’s also longer which allows for more detail and background information. Written for human interaction and reaction, features invite readers to care rather than just get the facts which is why they are useful for investigative journalists.

The Link between Feature Articles and Investigative Journalism

Due to the extensive work required in investigative journalism, it’s not often carried out by beginners in the industry. Getting a feel for feature writing however, will help you find the way.  Feature writing requires journalists to get to the very crux of a story – remembering that detail is everything. It takes perseverance and practice – sifting through information, interacting with different people and collaborating your findings to shape your story.

Tap into potential stories by attending local meetings, scouting out social media platforms and get involved in the community. These are also just some of the important tools required in the craft of successful investigative journalism.

Are you ready to discover where feature writing can take you and embark on your journey into the world of investigative journalism? Contact The Morris Journalism Academy for a partnership in navigating your future.

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