The Experts Behind Your Course

This online journalism course was published by Joseph Morris, on the back of more than 30 years’ experience in writing and publishing. He commenced his career as a cadet journalist on News Limited’s Sunday Mirror before working for the Daily Mirror, The Sun, the Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Radio (Brisbane), Channel Ten (Brisbane) and ABC Television (Townsville). He worked with Australian United Press (AUP), United Press International (UPI) and also worked as an international correspondent.

Morris edited and published two weekly newspapers including Zoot, Australia’s first national children’s newspaper. He also wrote and published a series of newsletters including On Assignment, a newsletter for travel writers, and Briefing, a monthly newsletter for the media. He also launched the Australian College of Journalism, the American College of Journalism and the British College of Journalism.

It’s said Joseph Morris conceivably earned more money from professional writing than any other person in Australia. But, apart from his knowledge of journalism, Morris also had the ability to impart this knowledge.

An acknowledged expert in media training via distance learning in Australia, he successfully trained many hundreds of students in more than 80 countries and territories.

On the craft of freelance journalism, Mr Morris maintained, “Freelance writers are not born, they simply learn the craft. And the truth is, it’s not that difficult.

“Competent freelance material is always in demand. If you can provide well-written material on any subject, provided it has a new or interesting angle, readers will want to share your information and editors will want to buy what you have.”


Learn alongside industry professionals

The Morris Journalism Academy has recruited dozens of other highly regarded freelance writers, journalists and editors, who work in specialist areas of journalism, to assist you throughout your journalism course. Their skills and experience, covering all publishing genres, provide you with an intimate knowledge of how to write just about anything for anyone.

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  • Jim Harnwell Editor/Associate Publisher of Fishing World magazine and also a sub-editor for The Australian.
  • Garth Montgomery Former Deputy Editor, Australian Personal Computer Magazine and Online Editor for The Daily Telegraph. Garth has also worked as a senior media advisor for NSW Government.
  • Anna Maria Dell’oso Sydney journalist, film critic and author whose books include Cats, Cradles and Chamomile Tea and Songs of the Suitcase. Ms Dell’oso did her cadetship with the Christchurch Star in New Zealand, then worked for many years at the Sydney Morning Herald and in the Sydney freelance scene.
  • Mathew Coyte Editor in Chief, Rolling Stone Australia. Freelance writer and journalist. Former Editor, Empire Magazine and FHM Online Manager and Managing Editor.
  • John van Tiggelen Feature writer for the Good Weekend magazine. Previously he worked as a freelancer and was a regular contributor to many publications including the Townsville Bulletin and The Age (Melbourne). He is also the author of the best-selling book, Mango Country.
  • Paul Chadwick Former journalist who was also the first Victorian Privacy Commissioner. In 1997, he received a Walkley Award for “Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism”.
  • John Parrish English freelancer who now lives in Sydney. Here, John writes for Reader’s Digest, Ralph, FHM and many others. He also writes for UK and US titles including Stuff, Maxim, the London Evening Standard and many others. International sales are primarily where he makes his income.
  • Paul B. Kidd Freelance writer and editor, turned author. Currently author of 15 fiction and non-fiction titles. Freelance researching producer, 60 Minutes. Radio broadcaster, Radio 2UE and one of Australia’s few literary agents.
  • Deborah Grant Freelance writer and sub-editor. Former Chief Sub-Editor, Inside Out magazine, She magazine, Sub-Editor, Marie Claire magazine.
  • Craig Mathieson Freelance writer, Rolling Stone, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and GQ. Former Editor Juice magazine. Film writer, The Bulletin and music writer.
  • Michael Pickering Editor, Men’s Style magazine. Previously the Editor of Ralph magazine. Before this Michael was Editor of Rugby League Week and Editor of cricket magazine, Inside Edge. He has also been a senior writer, sub and editor at a number of other publications including The Sydney Weekly, The City Weekly and GQ.