Become a successful freelance writer: the fun and easy way

It’s easy to see why becoming a freelance writer holds appeal to those with a passion for words. Turning your natural writing ability into a successful career can be fun and easy with these steps.

Being your own boss, working the hours you choose while doing something you love… It’s easy to see why becoming a freelance writer holds great appeal to those who have a passion for words. Tapping into your natural writing ability and turning it into a successful career can be fun and easy with these few steps.

Find your passion

Writing about something you’re passionate about will not only make writing more enjoyable, it also has the potential to make you money as a freelance writer.  Publications are always on the lookout for experts in the field.  Leveraging your experiences will help you find your niche. Make sure not to limit yourself however, it pays to be versatile.

Keep your day job

Avoid putting pressure on yourself, mentally and financially, when you are just starting.  Writing on the side as a freelance journalist is a great alternative until you are making enough money to sustain your lifestyle. Get creative with a blog to exercise your writing skills as well as potentially gain some attention from an online audience.


Immersing yourself in the writing community is a way to get motivated and has the potential to lead to freelance writing opportunities. Get active online and talk to your colleagues.  Reading the works of others will inspire story ideas and make sure they are current.

Know the basics of good writing

Now this could sound like homework but it‘s not all about grammar, punctuation and spelling. Explore what works, what makes people want to read on.  Study the experts and take note of their ‘flow’. Of course having your work up to standard will go a long way to ensuring your career in freelance journalism is a long one.


If you want to succeed as a freelance writer, it’s important that you get dedicated and commit to writing daily. While being your own boss is a perk, you also need to crack the whip on your self-discipline.

Do a course

Investing in a course is really an investment to your future. Learning the tried and tested methods from industry professionals will ultimately take your writing to the next level.  A course, such as the one offered by the Morris Journalism Academy, will also provide you with knowhow of pitching your stories, dealing with editors and building a portfolio to ensure you succeed as a freelance writer.


Want to take the next step to becoming a freelance writer? It’s easy with The Morris Journalism Academy, let us help you write your success story.

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