Student Stories

Jennifer T

The Professional Freelance Journalism Course is an accessible and enjoyable course. I completed all the modules while working full-time as a music teacher and could complete assignments at my own pace.

The tutorials informed me about interview etiquette, media ethics, structuring query letters, pitching to editors, how to set up a freelance business, and how to find media markets. This course was so practical that I could confidently pitch to editors while studying and my articles were commissioned by publications before I graduated.

MJA taught me how to use my existing experience in business, performing arts, and education to write for specialist publications. I frequently write and continue to build my portfolio. I was amazed to learn about the number of print and digital publications and markets in Australia and I’m keen to network to grow my brand and credibility as a writer.

I want to study professional writing and media in more depth but this course has already given me the skills to earn an income from doing three things I enjoy: reading, learning and writing.

I am grateful to my tutor and to the Morris Journalism Academy for providing me with the skills to build a freelance writing career. My articles have been published by AussieTheatreAustralian Teacher Magazine, and Limelight Magazine, and my income from freelance writing has already covered the costs of this course (which is tax deductible if you run a writing-related freelance business)


Examples of Jennifer’s published articles can be found via her Facebook or Twitter, and her arts and lifestyle publication The Serenade Files.

Jennifer T
My income from freelance writing has already covered the costs of this course.

Jennifer T