Brittany B

Brittany B

The Professional Freelance Journalism Course provided by the Morris Journalism Academy equipped me with many of the skills I use on a daily basis as a TV Presenter.  It also supplied me with the knowledge of how to effectively apply them.

Some of the important tools that I have taken away from the course include the importance of my research, story development and entrepreneurship skills. Besides the reporting fundamentals, I have also learnt invaluable tips on how to approach strangers and ask them questions.

My tutor, an industry professional, was excellent. He taught me how to write and communicate across a wide-range of styles and mediums, including speech-writing, press releases, crafting key messages for specific groups and writing compelling copy for diverse campaigns and initiatives.

My journalism education and experience is integral to where I am today. The level of instruction at Morris Journalism Academy is outstanding and there’s no better way to be prepared for a career in journalism than being taught by people who work in the industry.

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