Brian L

Brian L

I became interested in the Professional Freelance Journalism Course to become a better writer as I constantly write reports and papers as part of my current career as a food service design consultant.

Once this journalism course started, satchels of tutorials were consistently mailed to me and intense reading was required to ensure that the material presented actually sunk in. As it did, I found this journalism course to be a really enjoyable experience as it whet my appetite to do more, to read more and to write more.

What I really appreciated as the course progressed was the coaching. Whenever I asked a question or asked for an explanation I received beneficial advice. I was also encouraged to write outside my comfort zone, writing articles on subjects that were diverse and that I would not have considered before. Previously, I would have run away from this but now I revel in it.

Additionally, I was being encouraged to read more and always look for writing opportunities. As time passed through this journalism course I found myself to be growing in confidence, not only with my writing, but also in marketing the articles I wrote. This is an important part of the process of journalism and something that is discussed in-depth throughout the tutorials.

True, I still have days where I look at the blank, wordless PC screen hoping that the spark of imagination will ignite the page with words, but with the knowledge given to me by the Morris Journalism Academy those days are considerably less than what they once were.

You never know, one day I might have editors knocking down my door and be making millions of dollars from writing, but until that time comes I will keep working with the material that I’ve taken to heart from the Morris Journalism Academy.

By completing this journalism course I thought that it would make me better present the words that I type; I didn’t realise that it would open a whole new world for me.


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