Fraser S

Fraser S

I found the Professional Freelance Journalism Course provided by the Morris Journalism Academy to be an invaluable experience. As someone relatively new to freelance journalism, the program put the industry into context and gave me a broader perspective of the many options available to freelance writers.

The ground covered in this online journalism course was ideal from my perspective. It also helped me understand the numerous mistakes I had made in the past as a freelance writer.

Each completed assignment is assessed and reviewed by your personal tutor. The interaction with my personal tutor added greatly to my learning experience and the extensive feedback provided (which including advice for improvement with genuine encouragement) was invaluable. The teaching was outstanding, demanding, engrossing, entertaining, relevant and genuinely instructive.

The quality of the tutorials is first rate, relevant and the presentation is excellent. My traditional way of thinking about journalistic strategy and writing in general was really challenged. The course allows for this by providing a mix of self-exercises, tutorial assignments and teaching. The course is stimulating, informative, challenging, thought provoking and extremely interactive.

The weekly tutorials are well integrated with comments and instructions from industry experts. This contributes to the diversity of the learning environment, combining hands-on advice with practical information. The input and advice from industry leaders in the tutorials not only provided vital knowledge from their years of experience; it also captured my attention from the outset. The content and format of the 12 tutorials was intellectually stimulating beyond my expectations. My head was buzzing with ideas and I couldn’t wait to receive each new tutorial or my marked assignments.


Apply your new skills & knowledge

My confidence as a writer and belief in my own work has blossomed over these past six months. I am writing more than ever before, covering a host of subject matter, with a true belief in my newly developed skills. Some of my articles have already been published online and I have submitted several more to a variety of print publications.

I have also taken the skills I learnt in this online journalism course and started my own web content writing business called Pro-Content Australia. The business provides services to online and offline clients who require written content for web pages, blogs, and newsletters, to name a few. I have a growing list of clients and provide regular content for real estate listings, company newsletters and blog articles on a huge variety of topics from finance to garden & landscaping and catering.

Overall the Professional Freelance Journalism Course makes for an extraordinary six months of learning and self-improvement. I recommend without hesitation the Morris Journalism Academy freelance journalism course to anyone considering a career as a professional writer.

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