Dave M

Dave M

Since completing the Morris Journalism Academy’s Freelance Journalism Course I had articles published in motoring and defence-related magazines in Australia, NZ and the UK.

One was a scoop on Fidel Castro’s Land Rover, which was published in the UK-based Land Rover Enthusiast magazine, and 12 months later in NZ4WD magazine.

A few years ago, I served my annual two weeks in the Army Reserve as a trainee reporter with Army Newspaper in Canberra.

I have now transferred onto the staff of that paper and do all my Army Reserve time there, which has been a total of six months over three years and included three weeks in Malaysia. I have also had several stories published in the Navy and Air Force newspapers as well.

I found the distance learning course interesting and fun to do, and very helpful in getting my articles to a standard where they were published.

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